As all classrooms have quickly shifted into the virtual realm, workplaces have needed to adapt.

Wellness Webinars are a wonderful way to engage, interact and learn about a Mindfulness topic of your choosing, from the comfort of your own private workspace.

Topics vary and are completely customizable upon request, and are inclusive but not limited to:

- Neuroscience & Productivity

- Mindful Eating

- Foundations of Mindfulness

- Digital Detoxing

& more!


Lunch & 


Taking space out of our work day is necessary for optimized productivity and stress reduction.

Lunch & Learns are designed to de-bunk the myths surrounding Mindfulness and Meditation, creating an accessible and engaging environment to discover and build upon new practices.

Inclusive of a short (15-30 min.) guided Meditation as well as a community discussion, all Lunch & Learn sessions are sure to spark interest, reduce stress, and improve workplace morale. 





Looking to integrate Mindfulness initiatives the workplace, but not sure where to begin?

Since shifting into a majority Work-From-Home environment, many people are feeling its affects. The impact of our global shifts have taken its toll on employees, and maintaining calm, relaxed mindset is essential for performance and productivity.

All workplaces have unique needs and accessibility, and as part of an Ongoing Strategy, Mindfulness Meditation can be introduced in a variety of ways, ultimately improving overall health and happiness within the workplace.


Strategy Examples Include:

- Guided Morning & Lunch Meditation 

- Virtual Community Workshops

- Recorded Meditations & Webinars